Grief and Glory

Sugar Maple, Oakwood Cemetery
The last blaze of autumn’s glory is upon us in upstate New York. Gold, crimson, bronze, and green hang on, even after several days of wind and rain. Among the best places to see the show, I knew, would be in one of my area’s oldest and grandest rural cemeteries – Oakwood Cemetery in Troy, New York. Established in early 1848, Oakwood’s monuments are dwarfed by towering oaks, maples, beech, and hickories. How fitting, then, to paint there just two days after a longtime family friend died of cancer. In retrospect, I suppose it was no accident. It was the perfect place to contemplate a life now gone and to take solace in the radiant glory of fall’s last days.

4 Comments on “Grief and Glory

  1. Beautiful, Jean. You have my deepest sympathies for the loss if your friend.

    Do you live in Troy? I live in Ithaca, but sometimes work with TRIP (Troy Rehab and Improvement Program).

    • Thanks Marcia! I grew up in Troy and have roots and family there, but I now live outside of Albany in Voorheesville. I’m not that familiar with TRIP– will have to look it up.

  2. This was very touching Jean. I often find myself with my camera in old cemeteries.
    Now I will need to bring my notebook and pen.

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