Bluebird Days

I’ve been teaching “Painting the Colors of Spring” for the last few months, which has made me even more aware of the subtleties of color at this time of year. We started with earth colors back in March, took a deep dive into yellows and greens in April, and ended this week with an in-depth look at blues and violets. Right on cue, the bluebirds in our yard finished laying five pale blue eggs, the lilacs and violets are in bloom, and the sky was clear and bright all week. I treasure these Bluebird Days and hope you have too.

Tips and Techniques- Get to know your paints. My students and I have had fun painting out and comparing various pigments and learning more about color mixing and great color combinations. If you are new to watercolor or haven’t done this, I highly recommend it.

Save the Date: “Bird, Nest, Egg” through Winslow Art Center; Thursdays, June 8 & 22 focused on Baltimore Orioles; and Thursdays July 20 & 27 focused on the Eastern Phoebe. Registration open.

17 Comments on “Bluebird Days

  1. I love your watercolor style and and overall composition of your pieces. Those color charts look great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The most beautiful/original colour swatch pages I’ve ever seen!



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  3. Wonderful classes, beautiful paintings. Thank you Jean.

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    • Thank you. I have never done a cut-away view before and it took me awhile to figure it out. But I like the element and I like thinking about what’s going on in that tight space.

    • Marilyn- It looks like you have been a very interesting artistic journey yourself. Hope you are doing well and finding time for your creative pursuits.

  5. I love this!! 🌷



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  6. I thoroughly enjoyed your class on exploring color, Jean. I should have taken the time to make color charts and really look at the pigments in my palette, but I kept procrastinating until this class. You turned it into an enjoyable activity. I’m looking forward to your oriole and gnatcatcher classes this summer. Thank you for your willingness to teach others.

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