Just a few quick bird sketches to wish you a good day and thank you for the many kind notes of condolences shared last week. Life is fleeting; capture what you can of it.

Tips and Techniques– When sketching birds, start with a line for the angle of the bird’s body and then hang the body shape on it. Do the same for the angle of the bill and head. One you have these lines, shapes, and proportions down check for accuracy and refine your sketch. Don’t add detail until the end. The hummingbird sketches here were done in 1-minute and I painted the rufous hummingbird and tufted titmouse in about 45 minutes.

14 Comments on “Fleeting

  1. I love your hummers. I look forward to their return here in mid-May. Titmice are one of my favorite feeder birds.

    • I did the hummingbirds as timed sketches, which can help to keep me moving and just blocking in the postures. It keeps me from getting stuck in details and keeps the sketches fresh.

  2. Thank you for these, they are a reminder that spring is not far away.

  3. I was so saddened by your last post; very sorry for your loss Jean. And then I was enchanted and overwhelmed by the time you were able to spend with a loved one and how you sparked such enjoyment with your art. Such a wonderful tribute. This post is beautiful and makes me look forward to happy spring moments that lie ahead. I especially love your painting of the tufted titmouse. I’ve been sketching and painting our juniper titmice all winter at our feeders. They are such clowns! Take care.

    • Thank you Barb! I appreciate your kind note. I am looking forward to spring too…but first, more snow today. Still, daylight is growing and a few birds are daring to sing each day. Those are welcome signs. Enjoy your feeders.

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