The Last Golden Light

The field next to our property is in its full glory lately. Bees are buzzing in the goldenrod, asters are blooming in shades of white and purple, and tiny orange jewelweed dots the greenery. Numerous walnut trees border the field and frame the view. The chest high thicket is so dense that I won’t be able to walk in it until January, when the stems are brown, brittle, and matted from heavy snow. But for now, it is at its best, especially as the sun descends in the late afternoon, casting a golden light that reminds me in the most glorious way to pay attention.

Tips and Techniques– This piece takes advantage of an underlying grid to give it structure. I laid it out as a 4 x 3 grid of equal sized boxes and then combined boxes to suit the subject at hand. A limited palette of Hansa yellow medium, Prussian blue, quin gold, and a touch of violet and quin rose also create cohesion among the major elements. You can learn more and see other examples of this technique here and here.

24 Comments on “The Last Golden Light

  1. I love the clever idea of the grid pattern on pages! I’m definitely going to try that technique. Thank you for sharing this !

  2. I so love this! And I appreciate your comments about process. What size paper did you use?

  3. Beautiful and inspring page! Great idea with dividing the page into boxes.

  4. Love how you painted and designed this. Section shapes, perspectives above, ground level, landscape, etc…how the eye gets lead to each one. Captures everything!

  5. Lovely Jean! My goldenrods seemed to be pushed out by snake root.
    Love the links to your other pages too. So helpful!

  6. Beautifully written and illustrated! Your tips are always appreciated. As a graphic designer I’ve used grids a lot (especially for book layouts) but didn’t think to do so in a sketchbook. Duh!

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