A Magnificent Structure

“What I see in Nature is a magnificent structure, that we can comprehend only very imperfectly, and that must fill a thinking person with a feeling of humility.”

Albert Einstein

Tips and Techniques— I sketched and painted this nest and quote as a demonstration for an online class that explores ways to capture the essence of a subject. While I find research and scientific information invaluable for field sketching, I also appreciate how a few spare lines of poetry or a quote can cut to the chase, helping to express what drew me to a subject in the first place. Try it. Next time you sketch a subject in nature, see if you can find a quote or poem – or write a few words of your own – to express what it means to you.

20 Comments on “A Magnificent Structure

    • Thanks Erica- I was thinking about what, specifically, Einstein might have been thinking about when he said this. It applies to so many things– from the tiniest fractal snowflake to the structure of the universe.

    • Hi Fay- Yes, this in an online class through the Winslow Art Center. A second session of the same class, Drawn to Nature, just filled quickly, before I even had time to announce it here.

  1. A profound quotation and a beautiful, tender drawing.

    I’ve just discovered a bird’s nest in a Brandywine tomato plant. Somehow the bird squeezed by the steadily expanding tomato suspended over the next and managed to lay two eggs (bobolink I believe).
    Oh the wonder of it all. One can’t help but marvel and ponder.

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