Starting at the Beginning

Despite the pandemic—and because of it—I’ve had a few recent opportunities to teach workshops. Whether masked and in person or via Zoom, I’m grateful to be able to spend quality time with people near and far who are eager to learn and grow. When I’m working with artists at all skill levels, I like to begin with some basic exercises and warm up sketches that get creative juices flowing and jump start a flow of pen on paper. We do blind contour drawing and very quick gestures and practice different ways to add watercolor to define spaces and make forms take shape. I love seeing what participants create with a few loose lines and a wash, and I love going back to basics myself. It’s a great reminder of the various elements that make for successful paintings, whether between the pages of a sketchbook or in a prestigious museum collection.

20 Comments on “Starting at the Beginning

  1. I would just love to take one of your workshops. The zoom meetings would make it more possible for me. Are you considering doing more on zoom?

    • I hope so Erica. I may take a break for September and October because I’ve got quite a bit to do to launch my book (coming out Nov. 1). But the winter season might be the perfect time to jump back in. Stay tuned.

  2. Oh what a nice lesson. I’m now sorry I ate two of the three beets I bought at the farmers market last Saturday. I will look for more inspiration this Saturday. I also
    would love to take a zoom workshop with you. It would remind me of the time we spent on Hog Island!

    • Hi Sue! You could always do the one beet from multiple angles…or cut it open and paint the inside. But perhaps the farmers market will provide good inspiration. There are several Hog Island folks in the Zoom class and it’s really nice to see them again. I would enjoy reconnecting with you!

  3. And I will play with the remaining beet tomorrow! Thanks for the ideas.

    • Hi Belkis- I’m not sure. When I finish the one I’m doing now I need to take a break for a bit to focus on my book launch. But I hope to be able to do another class in late fall or winter. It’s been a nice way to meet people from all over and focus on art and sketching together, especially during this difficult time. I’ll post here when I have something scheduled.

  4. Dancing beets! The color swatches are boogying, too. That’s a good sign, Jean. 😉 Your enthusiasm and the description of the class tempts me to join…

  5. I love your work! When will you be starting your next class?

    Sent from my iPad Carolyn Doutre


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