In and Out of the Garden

When it’s 80-degrees with 90-percent humidity, sketching outside—or doing much of anything outside—is not easy. But flowers in full bloom don’t wait for ideal weather and I figured I shouldn’t either. Pen and sketchbook in hand, I found myself quickly wilted among the daisies. So, my afternoon became a dance between painting indoors and sketching outside, with welcome breaks in between until the page was complete. I can hardly wait for August!

31 Comments on “In and Out of the Garden

  1. So much life and animation in your sketches. I just love your blog!

  2. Your blog has opened my eyes to the wild flowers at my feet that I never noticed before. I’ve become more aware of the splashes of color along the roadsides and edges of our rural property. The colorful details I now incorporate into my own landscape sketches.

  3. So pretty. I love the variety and your observations. You inspire my motivation and I get excited when I see you’ve posted something. I look forward to them.

  4. Oh! Jean I have to hand it to you. I can just imagine you wilting among the daisies. But just look at that delightful painting with poppies still in bloom. I think I see your hyacinth bean vine too. I look forward every week to see what you have created. My garden is on it’s own until the weather cools a bit. I DO go out in the early morning which is my favorite time. The light is beautiful for picture taking.

    • Yes– That’s my hyacinth bean getting ready to bloom! I should have gone out early, but I was running 5 miles instead! Yikes– talk about wilting. I’m glad you are enjoying your garden and seeing what’s blooming from week to week!

  5. Gorgeous! I just discovered you, your blog, your art and your lessons, Looking forward to many good techniques to use in my nature journal.

  6. So gorgeous! Whenever I start thinking that my pen will make my sketches too “clunky”, I look at yours – so light & lovely. As always – an inspiration.
    (I’m heading to NH next week – going from 68 degrees here in the Pacific NW to East coast heat & humidity – talk about wilting!)

    • I use a Micron 02 and it’s hard to be clunky with it. The thicker the point the more graphic it gets, so I don’t use larger sizes unless I want that look or I’m in a hurry. Maybe by the time you get to NH the humidity will have abated. NH is lovely– hope you enjoy the change!

      • We’re right into winter and NZ does get snow in both North and South Islands, you can see some in a photo I posted this morning. There was light snow falling in a couple of places as we drove home recently and a wee bit at home (but more on the hills behind the town). In winter our town’s likely to get a reasonable dump of snow lasting on the ground for a few days – perhaps a couple of times during the season. I like to see it on the hills, not keen on it around the house and on the roads!

  7. “…quickly wilted among the daisies.” 🙂 But your work is anything but wilted! It’s full of energy and cheer. Here’s to more flowers than you can count and a break from the humidity!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you appreciated that line (…quickly wilted). There are new blooms each week and we did have a few days break from the humidity. Today, we’re back to 100%! I’ll save my lamenting for winter.

      • Another memorable line: “I’ll save my lamenting for winter.” I’m giving you carte blanche for a good complaining session anytime the heat and humidity conspire to make life difficult. Go for it! 😉

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