A most egg-cellent collection

As a follow up to my most recent posts on painting bird eggs from the collection of Frederic Church’s family, I thought you might like this egg-cellent post from NYS Parks & Historic Sites’s blog about how the collection is being cleaned and prepared for exhibition. You’ll get a glimpse of the eggs, learn more about their history, and get a sense of how exciting it is to see them in person. Work on the eggs continues in the state’s conservation lab (which has very limited staff in an isolated environment), but the exhibition, slated for May 9 – November 1, may be subject to delay. View the post>

5 Comments on “A most egg-cellent collection

  1. Egg-xactly what I like to see! I remember spending an extremely pleasant summer afternoon at Frederick Church’s home. Most inspirational. It seems that 19th century painters are my biggest inspiration as a photographer. He is one of them.

    • Olana presents hundreds of perfect views– all planned by Church, of course. The site is opening up landscape tours so that visitors see more than the house. And there is now a “Sky walk” over a bridge over the Hudson that connects Olana with the Thomas Cole Historic Site.

  2. So interesting! I had no idea about the hobby of egg collecting in that era. thank you for sharing the article!

    • Oh, yes. It was a very big hobby. And though we can’t imagine taking eggs now, can you imagine how much effort it would take to collect these eggs? It’s one thing to find robin’s eggs, its quite another to climb trees to gather the eggs of woodpeckers or wood pewees. Lot’s of careful observation and knowledge went into collecting eggs.

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