Still Bearing Fruit

Last weekend, I cut the last of the frost-wilted flowers, fed the compost pile, and left a few flower heads for the birds. I thought the garden was finished for the season, until I took a second look at the blackened seed heads. They became the perfect subject for testing my new Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen. I love the way the pen glides over the paper—smooth and fine, not scratchy, just a pleasure to use. The ink is not permanent, so I can’t add watercolor to it, but the line quality is lovely. I’m almost looking forward to sketching what’s left of the dried tangle of runner beans.

13 Comments on “Still Bearing Fruit

  1. Even spent flowers have something to offer! I really enjoy your weed/seed sketches. They look especially good on toned paper. I like to sketch seed heads and dried leaves too. Would you be able to recommend a nice sepia ink?

    • Hi Erica- Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of experience with sepia inks. I love artwork done in sepia, but I don’t use it much. The ink you choose will depend on the type of pen you are using (dip pen, fountain pen) and whether you need it to be permanent or not.

  2. Hey! Jean. I have to hand it to you. How beautiful this is. I finally decided not to deadhead my coneflower this year so I would have some winter interest.
    Isn’t it a joy to use a new pen?
    I really love the look of this.

    • It is a joy to have a new pen…especially one that is so smooth and fine-lined. I’ve been disappointed in fountain pens before, but I’m eager to use this one. Glad you’ve left your coneflower. I’ve left mine, too. The birds usually fine their way to them.

  3. Lovely artwork Jean. I also have a Pilot Met (probably everybody does, or should)…. it certainly is a great pen,lovely and smooth, in fact I think it’s my favorite.

  4. Lovely sketch Jean! Try some DeAtramentis Document black ink in it sometime….. then you can paint over it! Hope all is well up north! Cheers, Aeron

    • Thanks Aeron. I wondered how DeAtramentis Document inks might work in this. I don’t want to clog it (I’ve wrecked other pens with permanent inks). Have you used it in a Pilot? Appreciate your advice and pen expertise!

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