The Ripening Season

Seasons unfold, pages evolve. That’s what happened here as I sketched a variety of fall fruits and seeds from the trees in our yard over the last few weeks. It’s all part of learning what’s here on the rural property we moved to in July. There are nice old sugar maples, red and white oaks, black walnuts, cottonwoods, birches, and white pines, with well-placed dogwood, pin cherry, and apple trees. There are many year’s worth of sketches in the trees alone…and you’ll see more in the future, I’m sure.

Tips & Techniques– Just as seasons evolve, your pages can too. While it can be nice to finish a page all at once, sometimes that just doesn’t work. Be patient. Do a little at a time, leave it, come back, and do more. Your most important decision is probably where to place the first object. Avoid the middle of the page, which tends to lead to a dull design and leaves only tight spaces around the center to fill. If you know you have a larger item (e.g., black walnuts vs. acorns), place it sooner than later. You can always find room for small things after the big ones are in place.

27 Comments on “The Ripening Season

  1. As always, a beautiful page and some much appreciated solid advice on your creation process. Thank you!

    • Thanks! The funny thing is that I nearly abandoned this page early on because I wasn’t happy with the initial stages of painting. I later decided to push through and see if I could see it save it. Glad I did!

  2. Thanks for sharing with us you know i am a new but when i read your blog really i am very impressed with your page..

  3. Your sketches are just great. I love the details on the branches. The advice about the middle of the page is precious.

    Thank you for sharing this process.

    /thumbs up

  4. It’s all gorgeous, but you REALLY nailed that apple! And we know how hard apples can be!

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