A small but vocal flock of Canada geese flies over our house every day now. They emerge from the tree line, calling to one another and, it seems, to anyone who will listen. I know better, but still, I hear them implore: look up! The maples will not be golden for long.

Tips & Techniques– Painting birds in flight is challenging—and it takes practice. It helps to study the anatomy of the wing so that you understand its major feather groups. It’s also important to have a general sense of perspective so that you can begin to see how the plane of each wing moves and how they align together. Even then, it’s not easy. In addition to time in the field, watch videos to study flight in slow motion. I made several pencil sketches and marked the angles between wings, head, and tail to try to get the proportion and position right before starting this page.

18 Comments on “Flyover

  1. HI Jean…I really appreciate your tips on capturing the geese in flight, accurately. I too, stop whatever I am doing when the geese flyover – that sound is mesmerizing and always feels to me like a reminder to be present in the moment…

  2. Love the “tips & techniques” portion… I need to remember to do this so I know what I did to accomplish whatever transpires…

  3. As a new reader and follower of your blog, I am quite taken with your paintings! They are simply stunning. I play at painting, and so am thrilled to see your tips and techniques. Thanks for being so generous with your readers!

  4. Interesting. While I won’t be painting any time soon, I find it fascinating to learn how people do things.

  5. I enjoyed looking at and reading about your painting.
    I saw another small flock of geese fly over this morning as I was driving down our lane to get to work. My heart just lifts when I see them, even though they were coming in for a landing at one of the nearby ponds.
    You’re right – the trees here in southern Indiana are the best fall version I’ve see since I moved here in 2005.

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