Burst of Yellow

The forsythia is in bloom once again– a glorious burst of yellow– which led me to pull this from the archives. You have to click on it to view it larger for the full effect. Enjoy!

20 Comments on “Burst of Yellow

  1. Jean, it is nice to see your work progress over the years. Lovely review!

    • It is fun Mimi. I like seeing the progress, but also sometimes thinking “geesh, I’ll never be able to do that again!”

    • Yes, it is fun to look back…you must have some beauties, too! I was interested to see the date of the forsythia bloom on this piece in late March. But that was an especially warm year– I did magnolia blooms in the same journal with the record of temperatures and the early blooms.

  2. Lovely, Jean! So many plants have suffered setbacks in their blossoms here in PA, due to a late cold snap, but, the Forsythia seems to have done pretty well 🙂

      • Yes Jean, it’s like EVERYTHING came into bloom in about 2 days flat…Looks like being a lovely, warm, sunny, Easter Sunday…..Enjoy!:-)

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