The Simple Things

We caught a glimpse of the full moon last night before it disappeared behind clouds of snow.  A simple circle, so much depth. I’ve always loved the constancy of the moon, the way it connects eons and continents and people in its perfect radiance.

Handmade journal; click to view larger

Handmade journal; click to view larger

I kept this page simple to echo the subject and to emphasize the beauty and mystery of the night. The haiku is written with a Micron 02 pen and the larger text is painted in watercolor with a size 1 brush, combining yellow ochre and indathrone blue. I kept the paint fairly dry, because these colors make a greenish gray when mixed. In cases where I do want the colors to merge in the letter I use wetter paint. Try it with your favorite color combinations to see how it works.

19 Comments on “The Simple Things

  1. Stunning in its simplicity. Unfortunately, too cloudy in OH to see anything at all last night! BTW, you need to change the date on your painting to 2017!!!

  2. Beautiful. I love your inky night sky. That style of lettering is one of my favorites to use.

  3. The use of spreading the two colors of paint with your paint brush on the larger text not only relates to your moon painting but gives both the mystic appearance. Did you apply both colors on your paint brush to give it the swirly look?

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