In Cold Rain

A cold rain is falling on the winter beach. A solitary loon, a few surf scoters, and a flock of bufflehead bob in the steely-gray water, disappearing now and again beneath the waves. This is no day for sketching seabirds. I retreat to the car and drive to a windswept spit of land that divides ocean from tidal marsh. A flock of gulls are right where I had hoped they’d be at the edge of the parking area, facing into the wind, occasionally preening or picking at clams or flying up and settling back down. I crack open my sketchbook in the front seat and draw. Gulls are perfect subjects, striking a variety of poses until the page is filled and I go home for tea.

click to view larger; watercolor in Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook

click to view larger; watercolor in Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook

13 Comments on “In Cold Rain

  1. Ah Jean, you always manage to make it look so efffortless.
    And this is what keeps me striving for a better piece. Thank you
    And Happy New Year!

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  3. Jean, your sketches are always so true to character, positions, shapes, and colors. These are really nice; Makes me feel I’m at my favorite beach in the PNW where similar birds inhabit. When I observe the behavior of birds outdoors in the icy cold weather, I feel so sorry for them; it’s amazing they survive especially when food is so scare for them in the winter.

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