Holiday Rush

Forget shopping. Making and giving holiday gifts is one of the things I like best about the holidays…but the final rush is definitely here. With a week to go before Christmas, creative ideas and good intentions are flowing as fast as the hourglass fills. So…a quick post today of one of my latest projects.


Poinsettia; watercolor on Arches 140lb cold pressed paper

14 Comments on “Holiday Rush

  1. Thank you for posting this lovely painting! I always enjoy seeing your work but this one especially touches my heart! Merry Christmas!!!

    • Thanks Jill! I decided to paint my pink poinsettia because I don’t have a good, transparent warm red, which I would need for red poinsettia . But the lighter colors gave me a chance for more variety.

  2. Wish I was on your gift list…someone will be very happy to receive this beautiful painting.

    • Thanks Jan! I painted five of these– I figured I could work on them all at once, rotating between them as the paint layers dried. It ended up being a much bigger undertaking than I anticipated! Glad they are all in the mail to far-flung loved ones today!

  3. Beautifully done, so delicate Jean.
    A lovely way to wind up your year of posts!

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