Making Muffins

What could be better on a cold Sunday in November than baking, eating, and painting muffins? And while there’s no recipe for painting muffins, I scanned this several times while in progress to share how I approached it.

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I painted this on Fabriano soft press 140lb watercolor paper in a handmade journal, using a limited palette of alizarin crimson, quinacridone gold, and phthalo blue. That’s not a combination I typically use, but I wanted to try it. I also added a little burnt sienna toward the end. Eat, paint, enjoy!

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Click to view larger

24 Comments on “Making Muffins

    • Thanks Jann. I’m glad I did it. I was fairly disgusted with this at the second scan, but knew that it was at a classic “adolescent stage” and that I should keep going.

  1. Oh YUM! Both the muffins and the painting look delicious. And I do appreciate seeing the steps. I never would have guessed those 3 colors – especially the phthalo blue…..

    • Hi Melissa– Yes, the phthalo is a surprise. It’s so strong that I don’t use it much. But I recently read about that triad and wanted to try them. I think they work together because they are all fairly strong. Do a color test and see what they can do…you’ll be surprised at what you can get.

  2. Love the idea of illustrating favorite recipes and your progress slideshow is a great (and inspiring!) addition to the post.

    • Thanks Jen. I find that I really like drawing food. Glad you liked the slide progression. It’s fun to have the time-lapse and see this take shape.

  3. Love the slideshow. It really shows the light to dark process. Thanks for that! The muffins look great:)
    Happy Thanksgiving, Jean!

    • Got to work those values! (The muffins are tasty– and there are still more of them! Sorry I can’t share one with you.) Enjoy Thanksgiving!

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  5. I came home today to the most wonderful smell–my husband used your recipe (he had accidentally opened a can of pumpkin the other day, and I said, “I know just the thing!”). They are delicious!

    Too bad my printout is in black and white, and he couldn’t see your painting. The slide show is a great teaching tool. Thank you!

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