Cool Green

90-degrees – 50% humidity. Needless to say, it’s hot.
It’s the kind of day you’d like to have air conditioning in your car for the four-hour drive from New Haven to Philadelphia. The kind of day that’s too hot for six rounds of unloading my son’s college gear up two flights of stairs into an apartment with no fan. The kind of day when an air conditioned coffee shop with a 12-foot-square living wall packed with ferns is the perfect respite before saying goodbye and taking a train back home.

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4 Comments on “Cool Green

  1. Jean, I love the way in which you captured the mass of green living wall that is so varied and interesting. That could not have been easy to do.

    I hear you about the heat! Here in SW Ohio, our temps have been pushing 100 and the humidity has been upwards of 70%. Just walking to the end of the driveway to get the mail has been a wilting experience. I am SO ready for fall!

    • Stay cool Susan! It is “wilting” weather. I’m not ready for fall as much as some normal temps and lower humidity. All the better to be– and sketch — outside.

  2. Jean as usual I love your sketches I enjoy each of them your lettering work complete them beautifully. And also your intense description of those “HOT” days that seems never go to a end especially for me here in California. I miss the 4 Seasons that I used to have in my native country of Italy! ❤ 😉 Wish you a great and I hope a cool day for you today here is a bit cooler ;-). Carolina

    • Thanks Carolina! Four seasons have there merits…and some drawbacks, like February. I’m in the Pacific Northwest this week and it’s 20 degrees colder than the east coast– what a change!

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