Bluebird Post

It’s no wonder the bluebird is associated with happiness. This lovely thrush is a harbinger of spring, chattering its warbled song as soon as the days start to warm. I have had the good fortune of seeing and hearing bluebirds frequently over the last few weeks. And whenever I do, I can’t help but feel grateful for its brilliant flash of blue and notes of good cheer. Thoreau was right: the bluebird carries the sky on its back—and glimpsing it is one of the simple pleasures of spring.

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A little more about this journal page: I love this quirky fence. Made of old bed posts by my friend Camille, it makes a great backdrop for her country garden. I was short on time and drawing fast directly in ink, so I didn’t quite get the proportions right. Maybe that was good. I didn’t fuss much with the painting either, which gives it a loose and casual feel…much like the garden and fence. Drawing and text were done with Micron 02 pen with a couple of washes of watercolor in a Stillman & Birn Beta journal.

26 Comments on “Bluebird Post

  1. I love this page! the loose whimsical fence, beautiful bird, lovely colors and beautiful script! Bravo!

  2. Rabbit, Rabbit…..1st day of May. Bluebird is my good morning. 😎

      • When I was at school in England we’d all say ‘Rabbit!’ as we went to bed (in a large dorm) at the end of the month and awoke with ‘Hares!’ to welcome the first day of the month … all for good luck. 🙂
        p.s. I love the funky fence with the harp shape in the middle — the whole page is as delightful as this sunny May day!

      • It’s funny what kids do for luck (or to ward off bad luck)…now that might make a fun journal page– I’ll leave the rabbits to you!

    • I don’t know much about the range of the western bluebird, but you have to have the right habitat for them, that’s for sure. Thanks for your comment!

  3. You’re a magician, Jean, my fence has never looked so good!

    • Thanks Vicki– The beauty of it is that everyone’s sketchbooks are so different. I consider mine more of a journal, so I am less inclined to practice techniques or work out artistic problems in it. I do that elsewhere and leave my main artist journal to record experiences and do more finished pages.

  4. Beautiful painting, a fantastic way to welcome May. Love the view, every garden should have birds singing and a bit of whimsy, especially a fence made out of bed posts…brilliant!

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