In Between

At Slocum’s River Reserve near Dartmouth, Mass, I found myself drawn to the quiet beauty of the salt marsh on an overcast day— all gold and green, tinged with red. In between land and sea. In between one place and another. There is a silent ebb and flow; life in flux each hour, each day, each season. My time here is a gift at the end of a hectic summer, made possible because I too am in between. This place, painting it, is my own calm between seasons, between moving out and moving in.
Slocum River
Watercolor in Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook

15 Comments on “In Between

  1. Your sketches pull me in them, I really appreciate your gift and the lettering adds so much character and border around the scene. Just really enjoy your work, Thank You for sharing it!

  2. Feeling very relaxed looking at your piece this morning. Thinking of you this week.

    • One more day of calm, and then chaos reigns again starting tomorrow. But I am looking forward now and ready to begin. Appreciate your support! 2-hours to Brattleboro!

  3. Beautiful work, I love looking at your journal pages, I agree, the lettering adds a perfect touch to your lovely watercolors.

  4. Yes, your lettering is a nice compliment to the beautiful painting! I like how you expressed the “in between”…with the seasons.

  5. Your painting is beautiful and lends itself well to the feeling of pause between transitions, and your words read like poetry. Lovely. Thank you for sharing.

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