Savoring Summer

Taking a day off from cleaning, clearing out and organizing in preparation for moving at the end of August to enjoy a beautiful day. Hope you are savoring summer, too!

Savoring Summer

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12 thoughts on “Savoring Summer

    • Thanks…good question. I did this in interrupted intervals, so it’s hard to say how long it took. The initial sketch was fast- maybe 15 minutes. Then I painted the skewers- 1.5 hours or so. Then I knew I wanted to add text, but I didn’t know exactly what to write (so count 8 hours of sleeping on it). Once I decided on Savoring Summer, the lettering took about an hour. That seems long, but also worth it.

      • Gloria- My go to pens are the Pigma Micron 02 and 005, black. I use them for sketching and often for calligraphy. I also use a variety of nibs with ink for calligraphy, but I use them less frequently, because some of the inks are waterproof and I’m often sketching in the field and like the ease of the Micron pens.

      • Thanks so much. You are really wonderful with your quick responses and suggestions. I really enjoy your blog and love your work.

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