Sweet Consolation

I’ve been working on landscapes this week, which is why you are seeing this painting of a jelly donut. Enjoy!
Jelly Donut

11 Comments on “Sweet Consolation

  1. Love the composition, the way you treated the shadows, and especially the powdered sugar~ genius! I’m a quiet lurker but really enjoy your blog. Can you please share with us if you have any classes coming up? Maybe your summer one by the shore? I’m sure I can’t join you because of the distance but there is always a hope…

    • Thanks Sharon! Lurkers welcome! I do have two workshops coming up and I’ll post them soon. I’m just working out details (but both are short). This donut was fun to paint, but figuring out how do paint a white donut took some careful observation. It felt weird to add blue to a donut, but it was the right thing. I also did a very small value sketch to work out the lights and darks for this, and it really helped. Feel free to comment and ask questions any time!

    • Thanks Darienne! The plate is an old one from Dan’s family. It was fun to paint the pattern– it adds a lot to the donut.

  2. I just discovered your blog through Shari Blaukopf’s blog. I love your work, just beautiful!
    The great depiction of the jelly donut reminds me of a show I saw at Smith College about five years ago. The artist was Emily Eveleth. They were enormous oils of donuts….you might want to look her up.

    • Thanks Linda! I’m glad you discovered me and I’m glad you’ve already found Shari– she’s amazing. I’ll look up Emily Eveleth (though I only paint…and eat donuts on occasion!) Welcome! — Jean

    • Mmmm…just checked out Emily Eveleth’s donut paintings. Impressive! What a big investment in donuts, though. I have never worked on a single subject so intently. Thanks again for making the connection.

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