Ode to Joy

Sledding Illustration

I have many fond memories of sledding as a kid: steep hills, thrilling descents, and inevitable wipeouts were all part of the fun. Sledding is great, in large part, because it packs so much emotion: anticipation, fear, exhilaration, wild abandon. I felt especially challenged to capture some of that experience in this small painting, which I did as part of a Christmas book commissioned by my cousin for his daughter. Sledding is one of the things they like to do together– so although I don’t typically paint people or snow, I resolved to illustrate the scene. My reference was the view from their backyard; the rest I had to imagine.

Wishing you a sense of wonder and bit of wild abandon in the New Year! Thanks for following!

4 Comments on “Ode to Joy

  1. Happy New Year Jean!
    I too feel that landing that is about to take place on the saucer! Gosh, I loved sledding as a kid.
    The way you have captured the snow kicking up and the shadow below, action packed. Precious!

    • Thanks Cindy! Happy New Year to you! If it snows maybe we should get out on our prospective slopes for a bit of old time thrill.

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