Unwanted Sprouts

Unwanted SproutsI’ve been weeding around the house and gardens this week, and discovering some unwanted beauties in the process. I pulled the shagbark hickory first – complete with half its outer shell – and started this page with that. Next came the sugar maple, which I found spouting beneath the peonies. I liked the curve of the stem reaching for light, but I liked it better in my journal than in the ground. The page seemed a little spare, so I went looking for something small and discovered the silver maple, just getting started among the peas. There’s more weeding to be done, so perhaps I’ll find more to add in the future—but for now, my work and my page is done.

2 Comments on “Unwanted Sprouts

  1. Dear Jean, Wishing you fair winds and sunshine at Hog Island next week. I am sad to not be able to go! but sometimes your destiny is not in your control. I shall continue to love seeing your postings of your art work ~ the best! AND looking forward to seeing the books you make at Hog Island. Are you making the accordian books or using Moleskine version? I just made a book for me and one for each of my grandchilden. Fun to do! Enjoy your week on Hog Island. Cinda Hathaway


    • Thanks Cinda! Wish you could join us– it promises to be a really fascinating and fun week! I’ll post some things when I am off island, I’m sure. We are going to make the accordian fold journals– I like those for travel because they open up intriguing possibilities for multi-page spreads. It will be great to see what people come up with, all starting from the same format. — Jean

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