Arts and Birding

Hog Island Map/AlcidsHow do you draw something when it is in constant motion? How do you get the shapes and colors and patterns right when you only get a fleeting look at your subject? That’s the challenge of sketching birds—which requires good field identification skills, some study of bird anatomy, and solid drawing and painting skills.

I like to study and sketch specimens and use photographs for reference materials before going into the field. By working out shapes, identifying details, and making notes about a bird’s habits, I’m more prepared to sketch quickly when in the field.

That’s what I’ve done here, in preparation for a weeklong program on Arts and Birding at the Hog Island Audubon Camp in Maine at the end of June. I’m on the teaching team, which also includes experts in field ornithology, photography, videography, and writing.

During the week, we’ll explore coastal islands and habitats, and we’ll have a chance to see Atlantic Puffins, Black Guillemots, and other seabirds. I’ll be leading a journal making workshop on the first day, helping people make a simple accordion fold journal that they can use during the week. This is my mock up, which I’ll continue to work in before heading to Maine, but hope to finish when I’m there.
Maine-Folded Journal

8 Comments on “Arts and Birding

  1. Should be a great week. (And you gotta love those red feet!)

    • Yes! I hope I see some guillemots out of the water so I can see the feet. We’ll be celebrating Guillemot Appreciation Day, too! Maybe I should bring red sneakers for that.

  2. What excellent preparation! Thanks for sharing. Pat Spencer

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  3. The journal looks great expanded out like that! I look forward to seeing more from your visit. Have a great time (and yes to the red sneaks!!)!

    • Thanks Laure! I decided to make this a themed journal– I think it works well for this format. And as you know, my coral/orange sneakers won’t do!

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