Adirondack Birches

If you have never been to northern New England in the fall, you must put it on your bucket list and go. Blazing red and orange maples, yellow birch and aspen, and russet beech trees, set off by evergreens paint an extraordinary canvas. This is just about the end of “peak” season, as rain and wind subdue the palette each week. I consider myself lucky to have seen New York’s Adirondacks in a blaze of glory this weekend while at my nephew’s wedding. What a treat—on both counts.

17 Comments on “Adirondack Birches

    • Sorry you have been unwell and sorry you missed the peak. It’s one of those things you don’t want to miss because you have to wait a whole year to see it again. Glad to bring you a bit of the real thing.

  1. A great keepsake reminder of your nephews wedding and the glory and splendor of fall. It is my favorite season.

  2. So lovely Jean! My roots are north of where you were. …in the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec. Driving through the rolling hills alongside the sea…. the maples are like a treasure box of jewels. I love your art and look forward to receiving your interesting articles. Cheerio, Chris

    • Hi Chris- I have not been to the Gaspe Peninsula, but it looks like a beautiful part of the world. The maples are really stunning, especially when set off by yellows, russets, and greens.

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  4. Absolutely beautiful Jean!! LOVE those colors! I’ve never been East of Pittsburgh…lol…but I do hope to one day visit your beautiful area.

  5. Ontario and Quebec are home to the same autumn colour palette. It’s spectacular. You’ve captured the season beautifully! I love this brushwork and liveliness of this piece.
    (Yes Chris, Gaspé Penninsula is a stunning landscape)

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