Walk with the Dreamers

Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful… This sentiment appealed to me long before the need to stay positive in the face of a global pandemic. But it’s worth rereading and reminding myself, nonetheless, and I hope you find it sound advice too. Usually I don’t have time for illuminated letters and lavish decoration in my journal, but a rainy Sunday seemed like the perfect time to work on something highly detailed.

Tips and Techniques– There are so many beautiful illuminated manuscripts that you can use as reference for elaborate borders and text. Try a quick Internet search for images (“illuminated manuscripts”) and you’ll be lost for hours looking at letters and borders and wondering how anyone ever created such masterpieces by candlelight. I sketched this border in pencil and painted it in gouache. The gold is ink, painted on the page. I wrote the first sentence of text with a stub-nib Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen and the rest with a regular nib. You could use a dip pen, if you prefer. My favorite books for calligraphy:

The Art of Calligraphy, A practical guide to the skills and techniques by David Harris
The Bible of Illuminated Letters by Margaret Morgan
The Speedball Textbook (I have the 22nd edition, but current edition is very similar)

17 Comments on “Walk with the Dreamers

  1. In these times, we all look around in wonder – wondering why and how – and if we are going to be a statistic. At least I do. And it makes each day a gift, a day of gratitude, of appreciation. Your art is something I enjoy and always makes my day better for it. Thank you!

    • Yes! Gratitude and patience are so important. I am keenly aware that there are people in the trenches, people doing the heavy lifting, people suffering great loss, while all that is asked of me right now is staying at home. I am happy to share art and a few inspiring words! Thanks for being in touch– your pastels are lovely, by the way.

      • Thanks, Jean – for the reply, kind words, and dropping by. I just started using pastels – retirement gives time to do, shelter-in-place makes it an important part of the day. Beats housework!

  2. Beautiful glimmer of hope in these otherwise dark times…exquisitely done! Thank you for your lifting my spirits, Jean! What a gift…♥️

  3. Thank you Jean, your work is beautiful as usual, and spiritual, as usual. I treasure
    the pieces I’ve seen, and memories of the time on Hog Island, with your teaching.

    • Hi Sue— so nice to hear from you! I hope you are sheltering comfortably at home. I enjoy thinking of our time at Hog Is too— sunny days sketching outside at a picnic together— sweet! Be well!

      • Be well Jean! Here’s a jellyfish meditation that seems to me just right.

  4. I just saw this – totally charming! I especially love the bird & butterfly.

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