A Creative Treat

What happens when seven creative women convene over tea and holiday treats? Good conversation, unexpected connections, and artwork centered on china cups that rarely see the light of day. I recently hosted a “sketcher’s tea” to connect with artists living nearby, several of whom I have never met. Everyone brought a sketchbook, teacup, and treats to share. Much like the gathering, I had no idea where this page was headed when I started. But it slowly built, and to my delight, I felt pleased with how both turned out.

24 Comments on “A Creative Treat

  1. What a delightful idea and such beautiful pages! I am having a holiday luncheon for some of my dearest friends tomorrow. The teacup and sketching theme sounds like great fun. I will try to remember that for next year. 😊

    • Hope your luncheon is wonderful! I like making time for a variety of fun things during the holiday season. If I’m too busy or let myself get lost in the hubbub, I miss the spirit and Christmas comes and goes too quickly. Enjoy!

  2. This is lovely- and what a fabulous idea! Hope you plan on making this a tradition:)

    • This is my second, though I missed a few years in between when we moved from CT to NY. It’s a nice tradition, and doesn’t need to be tied to the holidays. Sometimes its the perfect thing for February or March when the winter starts to seem endless.

  3. Particularly the string /festoon of apples and pears, really like the angular brush strokes

  4. I loved it when you lived in CT and I came to your sketcher’s tea!!! That was so much fun!!! Last year I hosted one at my house from your inspiration!!! We all had such a good time!! This year I got caught up in too much to do….and didn’t host one….and I REALLY miss it! It is such a special thing to just hang out with your arty friends and spend time doing what you love doing!! I’m so glad our paths crossed – you’ve brought great inspiration into my life!! 😀 Next year – I’m planning early!!! Yahoo!!! 😀

    • Hi Roxanne- I’m glad my time in CT resulted in our meeting! I encourage you to think about hosting a sketcher’s tea in the dead of winter once the holidays are over. It could be a perfect time when schedules free up and you need inspiration during the dead of winter. Enjoy the holidays! Happy painting!

      • Thanks Jean!! I think I will!! Cheers & blessings to you!

  5. I was so pleased to be invited to this special gathering. Jean, so thankful for you to be nearby. Thank you for a special afternoon!

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