Treat Yourself to an Island in Maine

Arts and Birding- For Photographers and Artists- July 19-24, 2020
Hog Island Audubon Camp in Maine
Registration for this workshop opened on 10/21 and is already half full! If you are thinking of signing up for 2020, don’t wait too long or you’ll end up on the waiting list. Arts and Birding provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and rhythms of life on an island on Maine’s stunningly beautiful rocky coast. Yes, we’re enthusiastic about birds, but we also explore the island’s spruce forest, tide pools, and striking vistas, take a boat trip to see puffins, and offer daily skill sessions in your choice specialty of sketching/painting or photography. Beginner to advanced participants are welcome. We work in a fun, positive, collaborative atmosphere. Please feel free to leave a comment to ask questions– I’ve been directing this program for six years and it is truly a highlight of my year! 


10 Comments on “Treat Yourself to an Island in Maine

  1. How much heavy duty walking/hiking ate involved? I’m 68 and in fair to decent shape, but I’m getting older each minute! Don’t want to come if I would be a ‘drag’ or have to miss out on things……..

    • Hi Mary- We offer several hikes, none of which I would say are “heavy duty.” We always offer options for different fitness/comfort levels. You do need to be comfortable getting in and out of a boat– mostly from a dock, but we do have one beach landing. Most sessions on Hog Island, including this one, have many participants who are over 65. Hope that helps!

  2. This sounds like an incredible opportunity and a wonderful venue. Only wish I wasn’t so far away from Maine. I hope to see lots of posts from your trip.

  3. My husband and I signed up Monday morning! (I actually put the registration date on my calendar months ago.) Seeing puffins is on my bucket list. I’m so excited to get to meet you after following your wonderful blog!

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