A fine combination

“You mean, like, Sting, the musician?” the printing representative asked me when I told him that I needed my printing job to be just right because I was working on something for Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler. “Yes, that Sting,” I said. It’s just a very, very small project, but it has been a fun one, just the same. I recently painted and designed tags to hang on bottles of premium olive oil produced at Il Palagio, the Italian estate of Sting and Trudie. The oil is about to be sold in the United States and the northeast distributor wanted to add a tag to make it stand out more. Here’s what it looks like:
Art and olive oil…a fine combination. If you’d like to try it, contact AJO Imports.

19 Comments on “A fine combination

  1. Woot! You’ve had some incredible, and well-deserved, opportunities lately, between the magazine article and this tag. Did they just happen to see your work online?

    • I had a few old connections that made these projects possible, but having the blog helped a lot, so that people could see my work. Fun!

  2. How cool to be asked to do that! I love the purple shadows on the olives. Did you mix it up, or is it a tube color?

    • With my limited palette, you can be sure I mixed it. I can’t quite remember what it was, but I think I did the whole tag with just three colors. I needed to get the greens right first, both to match the color of the olive varieties grown on the estate and to go with the bottle label.

  3. You did a beautiful job – so elegant and simple. And isn’t it great to be paid for work that is (sort of) attached to their charity? I think it just makes it all the better.

  4. My olive oil was just bottled this year, inaugural harvest at BoparaiFarms.com . I did all the design myself but definitely could have used the help of a pro like you. Love the art!

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