Sea and Sky

“There is magic in the distance where the sea-line meets the sky.”  Alfred Noyes
While in Maine recently, I had several opportunities to observe that magical place described by Noyes. When the light is just right, sea and sky merge. I’ve been playing with how to capture that on paper ever since.


Though I typically work in watercolor, I swapped my paints for pastels to try to get a more ethereal effect.


17 Comments on “Sea and Sky

  1. WOW! That is a fabulous watercolor – I LOVE it! Jean you are something else!!

    A big hug,


    Juanita Roushdy President Friends of Hog Island P.O. Box 242 Bremen, ME 04551 207-529-2355 910-233-8548 (cell)

    Friends of Hog Island – Promises made; promises kept.


  2. oops didn’t see the second watercolor – LOVe the first one – second one is great too but the colors in the first are so delicate and ethereal!

    Juanita Roushdy President Friends of Hog Island P.O. Box 242 Bremen, ME 04551 207-529-2355 910-233-8548 (cell)

    Friends of Hog Island – Promises made; promises kept.


    • Hi Juanita- Thanks– I did these in pastel because I wanted a more ethereal effect than I was able to get with watercolor. There were so many beautiful scenes like this up at Deer Isle: layered islands in moody light. Be well!

  3. Always enjoy your art; absolutely love this quote. I just spent some lovely days in the San Juan Islands and it certainly applies to so many photos I took, and one sketch from our cottage. Thanks Jean.

    • Thanks Jann- I’m heading to the San Juan islands in September. Haven’t been in 25 years, so really looking forward to it. Do you have recommendations for must see places?

      • So many lovely places to see on the San Juans — the Mausoleum at Roche Harbour is quite unique. If you have time and want a very unique experience though, you can take a ferry from the San Juans to Vancouver Island then head up island to Yellow Point Lodge, a favourite with folks from Washington State.

      • I don’t think I’ll have that much time…just a few days, then I’m teaching an art workshop for several days in Anacortes. Vancouver Island is beautiful.

  4. Good afternoon. Lovely sea & sky and funny you should mention that. When we were in Maine last month there were several days where the waterline reflections were very disorienting. I knew where the water was because I was in a kayak at the time but looking toward shore I couldn’t really tell which was which. Scary to say the least. A beautiful phenomenon making the sea and sky one.


    • I think it usually happens at dawn and sundown, but depends on weather, fog, etc. Must have been kind of intimate to be part of it in a kayak.How would you go about painting it?

    • Thank you Michael. You are an inspiration to try new styles and materials. I want to do more of these, maybe try one quite large.

  5. Jean this is beautiful!!! Try it with watercolor too… Love you and see you soon, maybe M.

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