Things Worth Noting

It’s been quiet on my blog and in my journal lately– these pages explain why. Big changes are in store as my husband and I not only become empty nesters, but give up the nest altogether and move from upstate New York to Connecticut. Amidst all the big things going on, I wanted to capture a few smaller things, too. Comings and goings; things that seem lasting, but, in the end, are ephemeral.

Things Worth Noting
Expect some turbulence in the months ahead, along with new adventures and new places to explore. Thanks for being along for the ride.

19 Comments on “Things Worth Noting

  1. I love these pages. My husband and I just moved in April, although just across town. Moving is stressful, tiring but also exciting. It is exciting to have a fresh start. I wish you luck in your new adventure!

  2. We haven’t met, but I feel I know you through the art you generously share. I wish you all goodness in your new adventure.

    • Thanks for your kind wishes! Who knows what those blank pages will bring– but I feel certain that I’ll find beauty in them.

      • Happier then ever to have this to follow. As you go on your adventure and journey I’ll get to keep a piece of you and your beautiful talent with me!!!

  3. I’ve been trying Sketchnoting in my journals recently, but I still feel that I’m putting in too many words and not enough images. To me, your journal page is a wonderful example of getting the balance right – a perfect mix of images and words that capture the essence of what you’re doing and feeling. I look forward to seeing more and wish you the best of luck on your new adventure.

    • Thanks for touching base. I think getting the right balance for you is something you’ll figure out as you go. I used to write more, then never wanted to re-read anything, so tipped to writing very little. Sometimes, there’s more I want to record. I see the writing/text as a graphic element– it often helps me complete a page. Thanks for your good wishes! You’ll see more art on the subject as things progress.

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