August Moon

20140810-075039-28239919.jpgI was fortunate to grow up with a grandmother who I adored. Though she took up painting in her later years, what she did best was nurture other people’s talents. She praised accomplishments, encouraged her grandchildren to explore the world, find things we liked, and pursue them.

When I was thirteen, she enrolled me in a plein air painting class. Everyone else in it was grown up. I painted a willow tree, struggling to see the red my instructor wanted me to add to the green leaves. My finished painting was not good, but it didn’t matter. My grandmother had planted a seed. She believed in me as an artist.

Now all these years later, I look at the August moon and she is back with me…looking up and out into that vast universe of possibilities, and encouraging me still.

(Watercolor, Stillman & Birn Beta 5.5 x 8.5”)

7 Comments on “August Moon

  1. Jean, my grandmother had a similar role in my life. She was a china painter and taught me to love the brush and what it could do. Her tea cups on my shelves remind me today of her love of beauty and desire that I would find it, too.

    Now I hope to pass a love for family and art down to my little granddaughters.

  2. I saw the August moon over the trees, very early this morning–it was so beautiful as it set. This painting just captures the warm glow it had.

    • Absolute confirmation! Grandmothers make such a difference and I’m quite sure that the small moments you share with your grandchildren are long lasting.

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