With so many shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, bird eggs make for fascinating painting—and study. Here, I experimented with different techniques for eggs, shadows, and patterns, starting at the bottom left and working my way up the page. The hard outer shell of an egg takes almost 20 hours to complete—layers of calcium and color slowly building. Thankfully, it doesn’t take that long to paint an egg, but it is also a slow process of building up layers of watercolor.

4 Comments on “Oology

  1. Absolutely love your pages. I usually catch them on Artist journal workshop. Now I will definitely follow this.

  2. I just discovered your work from your comment on my blog. It is exquisite. I love your combination of elegant lettering, gorgeous painting and well composed pages. Glad I found you.

  3. Hi Jean, congratulations on this HUGE endeavor!

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