10 thoughts on “08_Jean

  1. And to think I said I wasn’t jealous. How foolish of me! Although, I feel as if I might have been on your shoulder as these beautiful paintings have such magnatism. I am almost speechless. Ha! Ask my husband if I am EVER speechless. You did take us along and, my goodness, what a great trip. Not to take anything from your weekly sketches, I think I can see the joy you had in the beauty of this vacation rendition. Many thanks.

  2. Jean,
    Thank you for sharing your trip with us. How envious I am of such a wonderful trip during this time of settling-in-place. I miss nature so very much. Your work is lovely and inspiring.
    Be well and safe.

    • Hi Pamela– It was an absolute privilege to be able to go. Everywhere we went people were masked and practicing social distancing; and we rarely saw anyone else on the trails, while swimming, or at tide pools. Just us and a lot of wild coastal forests and rocky ledges. Outstanding! Thanks for checking in.

    • So glad to share the journey and bring back fond memories. I always love poking in the tide pools to see what’s there (and what’s not). Far fewer sea stars than years ago– I only managed to find a single one. Still, I love the quest. Wish I could send you some salt air!

  3. Great photo of you Jean. Your journal entries brought me along the way.
    I miss ME very much, gotta get back there soon. Thanks for all the beauty in your work.

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