Boxed in – Springing out

There’s always a lot happening in April—both in my life and with the seasonal shift to spring. I thought I’d try a grid in my journal as a way to make time for small sketches that would capture some of it. Unfortunately, I found myself feeling increasingly boxed in by the design. Instead of drawing more, I was drawing less. Then I found violets growing in my yard. So small, you’d think they would be perfect for a tiny box. But they seemed to beckon for more, which led me—finally—to turn the page and spring out.

And here’s April’s grid:

Click to view larger

Click to view larger

Watercolor and ink in Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook


Work in Progress

This page—like my diet—is work in progress, but you can see where it’s headed.  And now that I’ve started this record of my downfall, I’m reluctant to find reasons to complete it. I ate with abandon most of last year and decided it was high time to change course and get back to healthier habits. The only problem is that I love desserts and snacking. The good news is that once I put these delectable downfalls on paper, I realized why the scale didn’t show progress last week, and I renewed my resolve to do better. So…hopefully, the page will remain unfinished for a good while longer.


Click to view larger. Watercolor and Micron 02 pen in Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook.

Thanks to Charlie O’Shields and the Doodlewash blog team for featuring me as a guest artist last week– and thanks to those of you who became fans because of the post! Doodlewash includes lots of fun sketchbook pages, product reviews, and guest artist features. Check it out!